I paint and convert wargames figures. In fact when I was at uni this was how I made money to pay my
bills for three whole years. If you want to see some examples of my work there are lots of photos in the
Galleries. Generally these days I take only a couple of commissions at a time because of my Day Job.
However I no longer paint entire armies, as it takes way too long for not enough renumeration.
If you woukld like to commission the painting of a squad I have two associates that will paint squads
that I can refer you on to, however they they only paint Tournament Quality minimum so they are quite
expensive, but given the quality of the paint jobs you get you money's worth.
Single Miniatures and vehicles I can do, but if you require replicas of my scratchbuilds check out my
downloads section as most of my scratchbuilds end up as templates on there.

If you would like to commission a project then you can contact me via the details found in the Contact
section of the website.

Web Store

The DSM Webstore is linked to via the side bar. If you have any questions about the store you can use
the emails found in the Contact section of the Website. Remember consult the FAQs first.
At the present time it is still under construction.