Privateer Press P3 Sculpting Putty

So I am always on the hunt for new products to sculpt with and when I was at GenCon Bris I picked some of this up from a booth store.
I thought it would make sculpting detail easier because of the description on the packet and the fact that by mixing the two halves
you would end up with a nice neutral grey colour, which is less eye-straining than GS in my opinion (i.e. you see the detail easier).
Out of the box it is quite tacky, it sticks to everything, even the packaging. a quick trip to the freezer and an hour of watching
anime later and I could eaily remove some from the plastic wrapping that keeps the two halves separated.

If you have a look over at the blog postings about my hive tyrant conversion you can see some of the sculpting I did with it
By the time I wrote this I had half assembled the kit but as you can see it is pretty well layed out. The plastic parts are well

Pros for this Kit:
Well priced, nice smooth texture, holds detail really well and is easy to work with tools.
Sometimes it is difficult to get it to stick to where you want it, other times it stick to everything. Sticks to packaging overmuch.

Final Verdict:
6/10, Yeah I still preffer Green Stuff as this is really sometimes a pain in the butt. However the texture is really nice and smooths
well. It holds details really well and once it is stuck to the model it is quite easy to work.
Probably best used for single stage sculpts or for making armatures, but that is just my take. On the upside it was cheaper than GW GS.

Tips and Tricks:
Put it in the freezer to make it not stick to you or the packaging, use a little water when mixing, don't get any water on the
surface you want it to stick too. If necessary affix different layers on with some Superglue.

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