Gamesworkshop Battlescape Terrain Piece

Ok the release of this product was a somewhat two-edged sword for GW, after the issues many people had with the Blastscape
Craters Set many were unwilling to risk pre-ordering it. Thankfully I knew ahead of time that it was not going to be Vac-formed,
rather I was told that it was an injection moulded kit on par with the Cities of Death terrain. With this in mind I put down
for a pre-order at my FLGS. When I rocked up to pick it up on the release day (a Saturday), I popped that plastic as soon as
money had changed hands as the Staff had yet to open one to check the kits out for themselves. What did we find?
A great piece of terrain IMHO. The pics below show the actual sprue (lifted from "John Toy Soldiers" Blog.)

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By the time I wrote this I had half assembled the kit but as you can see it is pretty well layed out. The plastic parts are well
cast with nice thick base parts and durable bits on par with the Citadel Woods and Cities of Death terrain. There a couple of
cool little extras in the form of the Skull and bones sign and the Two Lasguns (which you might assume could mark the graves
of a couple of Guardsmen). in my kit I uses a couple of spare slotta bases to turn these into objective markers.

So lets get down to the hard numbers on he bottom line:
The kit cost me $41 Aus
The Equivalent perts to make it yourself:
1 x Space Marine Rhino $50 Aus
2 x Citadel Woods $41 Aus each ($82 for 2, to get the five trees)
1 x Moonscape $28 Aus
A sheet of plasticard to securely base it all on (about $1 Aus) A couple of spare lasguns and helmets, free from a Guard playing buddy or your bits box

So you could certainly scratch build the trees and craters, but you would still be out of pocket for the Rhino.

Pros for this Kit:
Priced fairly well, rubust construction, good clean castings and a solid flat base with no warpage. The trees Look like they have
seen the blind side of the same artillery that made the craters. You don't need to destroy a perfectly good Rhino to build it.
Cons against this Kit:
There are unavoidable oddly shaped panels on the rhino to allow for efficient molding. You will not notice these once it is on
the table, but I thought I would mention them for those who might be wondering.

Final Verdict:
8/10, Really I am being a but harsh and you can assemble this in about ten minutes, and have it table ready in about an hour.
The only things that could have made it better would be the addition of a few upgrade sprues or bits to change the allegance of
the Rhino.

Tips and Tricks:
If you want to make the Rhino so that it is aligned with a different faction then simply do as you would with a normal one. Add
Spikey Bits and Chaos Icons to make it a ruined Chaos Rhino (I did to give some flavour to my table). Add Adeptus Sororitas Icons
to make it a Sisters or even an Inquisition Rhino. Add Chapter Specific Icons to match your Marine Army and a few of the SM Casualties
to get a really thematic Objective piece.

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