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I Haz Cheeze 05/10/09

It has been a while since I updated, I have been flat out the last couple of weeks so have had no time to update.
The upside is I have alot of photos going up in the galleries, including some from GenCon Brisbane.
I only went for one day, but I had a great time, caught up with some old friends and made some new ones.
Picked up and painted a new Reaper Fig at the paint and take, tried out my speed painting skills, it came out
pretty well but i chipped the hair during the day. When I fix it I will post it in the Galleries.
I also ran completely out of business cards! I might pick up some more work out of it.
Did some work on both the 'Nid-zilla and 13th Company armies this last month, assembling some figs for both and.
also nearly finished my GD Wolfpriest in a night time frenzy. Having fun sculpting my custom Rune Priest too.
I would have to say the most challenging part was not the face, as most of it was a press mould taken from the Wolfpriest,
but rather the Psychic hood. Trying to get it to curve right and stay smooth at the same time was difficult.
Finished some more of Kurt's minis (there are soo damn many!), Vangard Veterans, Vehicles, and nearly the full Company Commander Set.
I also got asked if I would paint up a Logan Grimnar Figure for one of the vets at the FLGS, pics can be found in the Commissions Gallery.
Down to photoshopping the last one of the Pin-Ups for the second Decal Sheet. Should be up very shortly.

Still haven't mailed off my swag points to Reaper for the Free T-shirts though...

It Rolls On Nicely 28/08/09

Still Super Busy at work, have not had much time to do alot of things I have been meaning to get done.
I have done some work on Kurt's minis and did a bit of a tidy around the painting room, but I also started yet
another new army...
I got traded a complete carnifex for a little bit of work, and I have another on sprues left over from a Battle
Force Box (the rest of the contents went to someone else) so I decided to do a 'Nid-zilla army.
Have build my first one to be my elites choice, so basically a screamer-killer, nothing too special.
Have to do a bit of a think about the rest of the army although the Brood Lord and Genestealers from Space Hulk
will in all probability end up in there too.
Also was surfing around the blogs on FTW and saw that there was still lots of people other than just me looking for
Pin-up Girls Decals for their flyers and tanks. So after a couple fo furious days I playing with art I have done a
couple of them up. There is one available for download now with another on the way. I may do more later on down the track.
They can by following the links: Products>Downloads>Custom Decal Sheets
Today is also fun as I am cleaning and counting my Reaper figs blisters so I can sent of for some Swag!!!
Free T-shirts mmmmmm...

Oh No or Oh Yes!?! 8/08/09

Been busy in the last couple of weeks, lots of painting, lots of work, also the Flu and Bronchitus...
So realistically I spend a half a week couching and wheezing on Cold and Flue meds, then I went to the Doctors and
was promtply told to take three days off work. So I did.
I painted up some of Kurt's minis (namely 10 marines, a rhino and a dreadnaught); to take a break I assembled and painted a
squad of plague marines and finished the Magnetised Valkyrie/Vendetta Tutorial.
The tutorial is in the Products\Downloads section.
Finally this week my Casting Resin and Pinksil arrived, the Local guys I shop with online have their own courier and he was
off sick last week so while my stuff had got to them there was no way to get it to me. So last night I did up a mould for
some torsos I sculpted a while back, going to do a pour tonight and see how it goes.
Decided to put up a few links to some of the blogs I visit more frequently in the side bar, and fixed the TSOALR link.
On That Note: Turn Signals On A Landraider is now discontinued. Steve could not get permission from GW to use their IP to
print and sell hard copies of his strip and thus cannot support the comic. For now it is up online as an archive, and the
two shop (Dice-Mart and Stuff-Mart) are still up so if you feel the need for some geekness go buy something.
On that note, while I may disagree with some of GW policy in these matters, I do agree that they have the right to protect their IP.
On a happy note I am pleased to announce that soon I will be launching a line of resin bases for sale. I will as I get time add to
this a line of resin terrain, but for now I will start small.

Home Again and Shopping! 21/07/09

My Holidays have ended, and I got home about a week and a half ago... I intended to update sooner but life go in
the way (actually it was really models). Took me 4.5 hours to clean up the Cruiser and get all the grime out, then
checked up on Fallout 3 mods, installed 1.6 patch and didn't play till last Friday night/Saturday. In between
I tested out the shiney new airbrush, I baught a automotive paint grade one, just in case I feel the need to spruce
up the ute. Last Wadnesday I rang Jeff at GW Mt Gravatt and got him to put aside a few things including this month's
White Dwarf, I was lucky I got the last one... Also grabbed a Sub-in-a-box to renew my Subscription that finished last
month. Also picked up an IG Valkyrie and decided I wanted to do a Vendetta with it and after a little looking around
came across the "Modelling Guide: Imperial Guard Valkyrie Vendetta" by the Goat. A great and easy to follow
guide that can be done with just a few bits. While I like it alot I made some slight modifications to mine to allow all of
the weapons for both the Valkyrie and Vendatta via magnets. Will post a tute for this in the D/L section as soon as I finish
the actual build. Between this and parts swaps the two bits boxes are getting a workout of late.
The observant people may notice a new link in the menu bar, I have become a supporter of "From the Warp" Blogging group "link".
Yes I am sure some have noticed I don't have an RSS feed but I may well add it soon. Thanks go to Ron over at FTW for adding me.
Incidentally the guys over at where I got the Vendetta guide are members of FTW as well.
Might have to take some time off from modelling on the weekend to do two things; A) Replace Tappet Cover Gasket in the Cruiser, it
is getting far too leaky for my liking. B) Strip and Clean the Dual-Carby in my Quadbike, I plan to sell it and there is still a
tiny bit of gunk in there from being in storage for six months.
Also on the last note, if you live in the Brisbane area and are thinking of getting an Agricultural Quadbike for your kids/acreage
I will be selling mine soon as I clean it all up and clean the carby. It will be going for about $1000, and if you are close by to
where I live I may even be able to drop it off for you. At any rate interested parties can drop me an email via my hotmail address
in the Contact section.
Lastly the guys at the FLGS asked me again why I have yet to enter GD-Oz. To be honest I had always planned to enter but now with no
actual Games-Day Oz to accompany it I can't really justify the cost of travelling to Sydney for it. sigh...

To The Banana Republic! 26/06/09

My Holidays have arrived! Epic Sweetness and other copious feelings of joy are abounding... Yeah ok so I really need
a break from work. Got a demo product working and showed the now happy clients so I can relax a little while away.
Mostly been busy working on my car and quad bike for the trip so not much done in the way of minis. oh well.
I did however get a change to work up some production sketches for some Hazmat suited figures in 28mm scale. Shall
see if I can get some tme to actually sculpt it up.
In other recent happenings I have not been doing much other than working or getting ready for my trip. The big killer
will be the sixteen hour drive.
Ok so cool, I will see you back here in a couple of weeks.

Notices and Other Stuff

New Photos up in the Space Marine and Adult galleries, go observe!

Microsoft Product Updates and You! 17/06/09

Ok So I promised myself I would do some more fun and interesting updates for you readers but I just had to post this.
Those of you who know me are aware that I work for a company that is developong new technologies. Currently I am compiling
WinCE 5.0 OSes for our applications. We needed .Net 3.5 for a particular application so I thought 'no problems, I'll
go and get the updates that add this functionality'... So i spen half a day waiting for them to download, I install and
run a test compile... Failure... Tried compiling usind 2.0... failure. So I am currently re-installing the whole damn thing.
Yes I preffer WinCE Platform builder over Linux but for the love of Chaos is it too much to ask that updates don't kill it.
In similar vein I was forced to clean re-install Fallout 3 on the weekend, so I could run Broken Steel Properly. I don't
own pirated copies, I downloaded the patches and then I installed Broken Steel the first time around and it caused a
repetitive crashes and whatnot. Sigh... clean re-install has fixed the problems now, until the next patch anyhow.
In better news I recived my Titan in the mail on Monday. YAY!!! I love it, but I discovered I am missing the two cable
bits that connect up under the cab, oh well time for breaking out the greenstuff and wiring loom. Also it was partially
assembled but i got it mostly back appart, except for the ball sockets at the ankle. Hopefully freesing will make the
super-glue brittle enough to come appart. There is only one warped par and one miss moulded bit so I am mostly lucky I guess
Also Last week I got my body for the misspacked webstore sergeant. It was an OK casting but for such a limited figure you
would think they would make sure it was immaculate, oh well, more green stuff.
My latest Reaper order turned up too, hell I have already sold one of my boxes of limited Sophies, maybe shoulda asked for more.
Did some work on Kurt's minis, finished a Techpriest w/ Thunderfire Cannon, and did more work on the tanks. 50% of the infantry
are washed but I have been busy working on my car and quadbike in preparation for my holiday.

Notices and Other Stuff

Took photos of my Chaos Daemonettes and a few other minis, just gotta find time to resize them and they will go up

Sigh...Sadness...and stuff. 3/06/09

So it has been a kindof sad week. On Monday morning My Old Man had to put down my dog KC. She picked up a poison
bait (1080). So being that it is kinder to put them down then let them suffer a horrible slow death it had to be done.
So I didn't do any work on Kurt's mini's this week yet, and kindof moped around when I got home from work each night.
Also endured ongoing battles with Telsra over my spotty net connection that continually drops out when we load up the
bandwidth. Sigh. I am going to change to Internode ASAP because they provide better customer service and packages.
Also I jumped online the other night and BigMac pointed out that someone was selling a Mars Pattern Warhound Titan Cheap
on eBay. In my mentally weakened state I bought it. Getting good contact from the seller who is going to ship it soon.
It seems that ATM eBay is more reliable than GW as I have been waiting for two weeks now for the replacement body from
the misspacked Web-Store Only Space Marine Sergeant. I really Like the figure and was looking forward to adding it too my
Scythes Tournament Army In place of the Sternguard Vet with powerfist that I had to do some serious repairs on due to
moulding defects.
Long weekend this weekend. I have alot of painting to do, a Nuts and Bolts Meeting on Saturday and a Birthday party on
Sunday night so it is going to be busy.

Notices and Other Stuff

Will be posting more pics to the galleries very soon. I will most likyly start with my Thousand Sons Army.
Keep your eyes open.

Update: Oh For The Love Of...!! (May 09)

Ok So admittedly the countryside needs rain but too much rain is plain irritating. I mean
where I grew up it rains nice and warm and life is peachy. However last night it took me 40mins
in the driving rain to get home. Worst part? Window had to be down to stop fogging of viewport...
So that was ok, bu then there was localised flooding of Oxley Creek and it took me 45mins to get
to work... In the freaking city!!! sigh /endrant.
Also I did some more work on Kurt's minis and played some Sword of the Stars this week.

Notices and Other Stuff

Ok So the Website has been up for a couple of days. I have got some feedback but not alot.
So Look around and if there are things awry I want to know about it.

Update: With Ninjas in the Building!!

Well as you all can see I have a shiny new website, I even have my own DNS and registered Domain!!
Wow so much excitement it is hard to contain myself. Some things from my old site are gone [tears]
but there are many new things that we couldn't do before. So check it out. Ensign Engage!

Notices and Other Stuff

Here you will often find things like links to stuff I have for sale etc.
Sometimes you will also see notices of events I will be visiting if you want to catch up!