13th Company Gallery

13th Company Wolf Lord

This mini started out as a Collector's Range Wolf Guard with Lightening Claws. As I looked
him in his standard pose the model cried "Zombie Marine, ruuurgh!" Which had to change.
Since I wanted to do a spin off group of the 13th Company I started by repositioning the arms, along with their
power cables and shaving off the Ragnar's Great Company Symbol on the soulder. I sculpted a slightly modified
13th Company symbol on the shoulder and added a few purity seals with skulls for wax seals to cover a rough
part of my filing.
At this point I decided to give him a jump pack, just because I wanted him to look cool, and It is mostly a display
army anyway. But I decided being 13th Company he should have a Heresy Era Jump Pack. So I took a normal Jump Pack,
chopped off the thrusters and the cabling befor adding guitar wire cabling. I then Scratch built some turbines out
of four turbines from a drop pod and some plastic tubing. I test fitted the Jump Pack and discovered that his hair
got in the road so I chopped it away and sculpted the shorter detail in. I also added a short braid to his hair by
platting some thin wire and blanding it into the hair with GS.
I painted the Marine and Jump Pack sepparately starting with an undercoat of Tamiya German Grey, which is a nice
dark grey for Heresy Era Space Wolves. I then did some washes and higlighting before picking out the details.
He ended up looking less zombie and more alive in the end.

Games Day Wolfpriest

I picked up this GD Wolf Priest a while ago and not liking the standard marine back pack, I swapped
it for a SW one. I also swapped his Bolt Pistol for a Boltgun.
I used the same combination of colours to paint him as I did the Wolf Lord but had to free-hand the Company marking as I
forgot to sclupt one onto his shoulder.
In the end he came up rather nice, I think the hazard stripes on his boltgun gives it the look of a salvaged Iron Warriors gun.