Reaper Miniatures

My First Reaper Mini

When I was at uni I painted two figures under commission for a buddy of mine that I met at the Cyberroom. Snowguard
played DnD in his spare time and wanted minis to represent his two characters. At the time I didn't know which company
had produced the figures as they were supplied to me out of the pack because Snowguard had been using them for some time
unpainted. I got my first digital camera around this time so these shot are actually some of my earliest attempts to take
shots of models that I had some control over other than point and shoot. I did not use a white box as at the time I wasn't
very familiar with alot of photography techniques, and I am still learning. These come out pretty well and despite the
lack of experience on my part. Snowguard was a really great customer because he provided sketches with lots of ideas and
notes on what and where he wanted different colours. The skin was painted the same as the cloak but with an extra highlight
stage added to separate them. This little guy took me two hours from start to finish and Snowguard requested a standard
tournament quality paintjob. I found out recently that this is a Reaper figure while looking around their webstore.
Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the other figure and yes that is a three parts finished Leman Russ Demolisher
in the background.

Candy The Anime Heroine

I needed a break from 40k one day so I painted Candy up on a whim. I have bought a bunch of Reaper Figs just for this
purpose. I thought it would be nice to try some really wild hair. Also I used the gun to test a new blued metal effect I
am trying out for guns.