One Shots Gallery

IronClad Dreadnaught

My Ironclad Dreadnaught, Winner Of the Local GW "Doc Butcha's Conversion Competition" (Mt Gravatt).
I thought It would be far cooler to have a giant Thunder Hammer for the Seismic Hammer.
Most of the Hammer and extra bits are plasticard strip, the frag launchers are made from
TSOP Component shipping strip/ribbon from electronics components. Shoulder mounted Rocket Pod
represents Twin-Linked Hunter-killer Missiles. Built for my new "Scythes of The Emperor" Army.
This is a one off Conversion that I started doing the armour panels in CAD and then went from there.
Unfortunately I didn't take alot of WIP photos.
Painted Photos of this beast can be found over here

Abaddon the Despoiler

When the new plastic Chaos Terminator Lord kit came out I grabbed one up in preparation for fleshing out my options
for my Black Legion/Choas horde. I had in mind that with bigger games getting popular again I might need something nice.
However I looked at the kit and quickly decided that my massed legions of Chaos, at the time of building Abaddon only just
over 12K points worth, needed a real Leader. I never had bought one of the old Metals of Abaddon as I didn't like the scale
beside other terminators. Also I didn't really like the static pose he was in, I wanted something more like the art in the
Codex with him advancing. So I spent a day of man hours filing back the torso and re-sculpting it and the collar, before then
adding bass guitar wire for the ribbed cabling on the chest. The Right shoulder pad had a mark of Choas Ascendant sculpted on.
It took me three tries to get this exactly how I wanted it as I couldn't get the eye in the centre how I wanted, so I ended
up abandoning it for painted on detail. In the end I think it came out alot nicer. The Skull on the chain was made using a
skull cut from a vehicle chain bit and some fine-link chain I threw into a Forgeworld order to make free shipping. Drach'Nyen uses
bits cut off the Sorceror's staff for the hilt with extra bits of greenstuff gems. The hilt started out as two chaos marine knives.
I shaved them down to 1.5mm thick and filed back the curved "edge" side to give a strong angular feel, I looked at alot of the older
sword designs from the Liber Chaotica Books to get a feel for it. I then shaved the skulls and arrows off a couple of chaos boltguns
before glueing them in place ensuring that there was a slot for the blade to go into beween the skulls. The blade started life as
1.5mm x 4mm plasticard strip. I wanted it to be massive so I started with it too long and then once the point was on I trimmed it to
marry the hilt. I used files and an x-acto knife to get it down to shape and a round file to get the round cutouts. I then added some
little triangles of 1mm thick plasticard for details on each side of the cutout. Lastly I used green stuff and a dress-makers pin to
sculpt the screaming/moaning faces onto each side of the blade. The Talon of Horus was one of the lightening claws. I lopped it off the
arm at the wrist and rotated it to form a flatter platform as if Abaddon was advancing and firing. I didn't like the original cabling
as it looked to vanilla-marine so I swapped it for some guitar wire. I kitbashed some Chaos bolt pistols, a heavy-bolter ammo feed, a
boltgun ammo feed and shaved a couple of ejection ports off some boltguns. I filed the sides of the pistols flat to make them marry up
then once they had glued I used green stuff to flaten the tops off to allow for the ejection ports. The heavy-bolter feed was carved
a little and the boltgun feed was filed a bit to make the two marry up. I then filed the right side flat and glued the feed on. I then
simply glued the sub assembly onto the power claw. A bit of drill-trim-and-place added a human skull above the tyranid one on the left
trophy rack, also salvaged from the bits box, but any skull will do so long as you get the spike back to the same height.
The head was alot of fun, I wanted to make it look angry and powerful and also like he is grown into his armor. First I took a Khorne
Berserker bare head and shaved off the cabling and some of the collar at the back so it would fit into the Terminator Armour torso. I
also used a sharp tipped x-acto to carefully cut out the teeth, as they are kindof not right for Abaddon. Then with the head roughly in
position I marked the position for the base of the top-knot. I drilled this out and stuck a paperclip in place to act as an armature.
I bent the armature to the right height and a rough flow/wave direction to give me a guide to work with when sculpting the detail on.
I got two little horns from the various bits on the Lord Sprue and trimmed them to size, before glueing them to the armature. Then I
mixed up some green stuff and rolled it out into a long thing noodle that got flattened to make strapping. I wrapped this around the
armature in two layers, ensuring it went over the horns on both sides as if to hold them on and some of the first layer shows through. I used
a tiny bit of greenstuff and a sharp x-acto to do the teeth, just put the green stuff in and then use the knife to part it in the middle.
I let this set overnight before doing the hair. Roll out thin noodles of green stuff that end in a point, have a drop of superglue handy
and as you cut the hairs to length dip the fatter end into the glue and touch it to the top of the wrapping next to the paperclip to set it
in place. Occasionally I needed to use a dress-makers pin to dab little bits of super-glue along other bits to lock down the hairs before I
teased the ends about. The trick with hair is to tease the ends about each other, if there are big enough gaps you can blend shorter noodles
into the ends to give more strands, and also add kinks and waves into the ends of the strands. Once it was all in place I used a pin to dab
superglue in places to hold it all together, then used some bluetack to hold the head upright till the green stuff set. Once this happened
I cut a little skull from a chaos boltgun and stuck it to the front of the headpiece. I also cut a few knicks into the wrapping for detail.
Of course at this point I did something rediculously silly... I glued the head in place! sigh... If you use this to make one do not glue the
head on until after painting!
Basing was straight forward, I used one of the resin ones from the 40K basing kit with some extra fine slate added to fill the gaps under
the feet.
Painting him I used alot of blending and washes to bring some realism to the figure. The yellows were done using white as a base, then
the orange tints were glazed onto the claw and a thin glaze of black on the folds of the loincloth. This was then re highlighted with
white and then glazed a couple of times with watered down Sunburst Yellow. Drach'Nyen and the hair were done by working up from a 1:1:1
mix of Chaos Black:Hark Turquoise:Storm Blue. This was highlighted up by adding Ultramirines Blue 1:1 for each stage until you get 3:1
Ultramirines to Base mix. 1:1 mix this with Skull White and highlight the faces on the blade then add edge highlights with pure Skull White.
Lastly add some nice little fine lightening marks along the blade with White. The metals use what I have nicknamed "The Ultimate Metal Technique"
that combines blending metals with washes to age them. I did add a little "Soot" to the first layer to give the metals some texture. "Soot"
is a fine black powder used to colour and give body to epoxies when making doublets for jewelery. It was something new I wanted to try and
while it came out well the hassel is not really worth it as it gets everywhere and can clump together making a mess. The eye was done by
painting on the black lines then glazing the other colours on. The Dark Angels helmet wing was worked up from Adeptus battlegrey, to
Astronimicon Grey, then to pure Skull White. Base was painted the same as all my bases are done now.

If I get a second lamp I will probably update these photos.