Space Marines Gallery

Custom IronClad Scythes of the Emperor Dreadnaught

This is my custom Ironclad Dreadnaught conversion, that was built for the 2008
Boxing Day Doc Butcha's Conversion Comp. He ended up winning first place at GW Mt Gravatt.
I painted him pretty much the same way as my other Scythes Dread but I used Reaper Paints for the
blue-green lights and cables, as I wanted to experiment with them. I like the result actually.

Black Reach Scythes of the Emperor Dreadnaught

The Brother Dreadnaught to my Ironclad, Straight out of the Black Reach box. I used it to see if
I like the colour scheme for my "Scythes of The Emperor" Marines. Came out not bad although the
Yellow is a real pain to get right. FYI the yellow is a mix of Tanned Flesh and Sunburst Yellow,
hence why it is a little darker. The black Scythes are Decals, the leg one is not. I have not edited
the rest of the photos of this guy so more to come (plus closeup of base). maybe...