Dark Elves Gallery

When the new Dark Elves were released and Crone Hellebron rules were in the book again I knew I could finally
do up the Witch Elves Heavy Army I had wanted to do for a long time. For me the Witch Elves epitomise the Dark
Elf mentality and brutal dedication to both Khaine as well as the imagery of their fallen kind.
While the metals are a little static I did manage to get hold of a bunch of them, as well as some of the Older OOP
female Dark Elf Beastmasters. Combined with a couple of Couldrons of Blood, left over Witch Elves for crew of some
scretch built Reaper Bolt Throwers and I had a basic army concept. I picked up a Dark Elves Army Box from Mt Gravatt
and a second set of plastic Cold One Knights, the new figures are wicked nice, to give me some other bits to play with.
I started out doing some conversions and things as I liked the idea that just maybe the Witch Elves could be used as
Cult of Slaanesh if I wanted. Also I did up an on foot Crone Hellebron, representing her in her much younger form as
at the time I started on the army there was talk at the gaming club of a Time of Legends campaign. I also wanted some
hard hitting units so I added a nice big unit of Executioners lead by Tularis the Dreaded, represented by one of the
collectors series Dreadlords. I also picked up Morathi as I have always liked the dynamic pose of the figure. Lastly
the plastic Coursairs will become Warriors and give my Sorceress something nice to sacrifice in the magic phase.
Will post photos as I get some done

Couldron of Blood

Witch Elves