Great Wolf Logan Grimnar

I was at the release day for Space Wolves at the FLGS and Stewie asked if I would do up a Logan Grimnar figure for him.
I had always wanted to paint the model so I jumped at it. I left the Storm-Bolter Arm and Cloak unattached to make life easier,
while painting the Miniature. I first gave the mini a light spray with Tamiya Light Grey Fine Primer (Metal and Plastic), and
after that had dried I spray undercoated it with Tamiya German Grey (TS4) in three thin coats. Each coat was done from
different angles to get good coverage. After this I gave it a heavy wash with GW Badab Black, to give definition to all the joints.
Once this dried I panel painted all the armour with Codex Grey, then Highlighted this with 1:1 Codex Grey:Space Wolves Grey. I
made sure I left the recesses untouched and did not highlight the ribbed joints as the wash did this for me. I then painted all the
metal bits in boltgun metal and highlighted the silver parts with Mithral Silver (including the Storm Bolter Arm). The whole things
was then washed with magic wash, i.e. 1:1:1:3 Asurman Blue:Badab Black:Devlan Mud:Water with a drop of dishwashing liquid. This
darkens everyting without making everything too dark. While the body and arm was drying I started on the Cloak. I painted all the
skin and fir with a layer of Reaper Dark Blood, while this paint has a tendency to skrink as it dries (especially when applied over
semi-gloss finishes like Tamiya Sprays) it is a great dark base colour. Once dry this was then highlighted with 2:1 RDB:Deneb Stone.
On the fir I applied this as a heavy drybrush, on the tanned hide part I layered it on. I hightlighted this with 1:1 RDB:DS and
highlighed the tanned skin and drybrushed the fir. Then I mixed up 1:2 RDB:DS and drybrushed just the fir, then again with pure DS.
Once this dried I gave the fir part of the cloak a wash with Gryphonne Sepia. This blended the highlights and gave it a more dirty
tone. As this dried I went back to the now dry armour and edge highlighted with pure Space Wolves Grey on some of the details.
It was based at GW after these photos to match the rest of his Army, as I didn't have any reference for the basing.