Frequently Asked Questions

Usually if I get asked things and I can answer them properly I will put it here.

Q: Subby, you sometimes reffer to your FLGS, where is it?
A: My FLGS (or not so Local as the case really is), happens to be Games Workshop Mount Gravatt. Use the Store
Finder on the GW website to find out the address etc. I am there most weekends so you can catch up with me
there if you really want to not email me for quotes etc.

Q: So Subby, why the hell do you not use NMM painting technique, it rocks?
A: Ok well for one I happen to actually like metals, I like NMM figures but I am far from a master painter.
That said I am playing around with different combinations of both. Including highlighting metals by adding
lighter NMM paints, usually pure white (The Horror!). Also I have been playing around with using washes to
add more realistic weathering/aging to metals. It is ongoing but I kind of wanted to do some of the Reaper
Minis I purchased recently in NMM. With the excellent article on NMM in White Dwarf about painting up the
Games Day Chaos Lord might get things rolling.

Q: Subby, you always talk about your "Ultimate Metals Technique", WTF Mate?
A: Well pointy your mouse to the downloads section. Browse through for a tutorial
about how to do the technique yourself.

Q: Hi Subby, you paint really well can you paint me something for free?
If you do I will send you pictures of me naked... (this from a girl on facebook)

A: Well my mother always told me that nothing in life is free. Painting takes time and time = money. Also even if you
are a pretty girl I don't trade "favours" for painting. As Watto says "mind tricks don't work on me... only money."
Hell I don't even want to know what you will do to get something for "Free"! (insert expletive here)

Q: Subby you always talk about using CAD to design tanks and vehicle conversions can I get a version free?
A: Well no, at least not of the Software I use, I paid for my copy. I think there are free CAD packages around. Engage Google?
Try as most stuff on there is open source for non-commercial use.
FYI I actually use Vectorworks 2010, a new single user license will set you back $4768 Au inc GST. That said I have been
I have been using the various iterations of Vectorworks since 1998, so I am sticking with it.

Q: Subby you have some rocking conversions of vehicles, can I get a set of templates for them?
A: Well yes and no. The majority of the templates you can download as PDFs from the downloads area in the Products section.
However there are some I won't put up there because they either infringe the IP of a company, or they are scratchbuilds I plan to produce.

Q: Hey bro, in your site map you mention a "Great Ninja Invasion of 1983". I don't get it.
A: Look at the "About" page. I am old. If you don't get the reference then there is no helping you!!

Q: Subby, in your Tutorials and CAD downloads you use 'mm' instead of 'inches', why the metric measurements?
A: Well I live in the Great Southern Land and down here we use the Metric System. If you don't have a steel ruler with both Metric and
Imperial measurements on it the you seriously should go buy one (LOTR gamers will have one)... or use an online converter.

Web Related

Q: Subby, your website looks all funky and stuff, Why?
A: Define Funky... But seriously I designed this Website in Microsoft Expressions on a Laptop with a 1920x1200 widescreen,
running WinXP Pro and tested it in Google Chrome. If it doesn't display properly for you then it is probably due to one of
the following things. First and foremost; Different Resolutions, don't worry the pics should still look good. Second; You
use Internet Explorer, it runs ok in version 6.02 although I notice that for some reason the pics get loaded slightly pixelated. :-(
I haven't tested it in Firefox or any other browser for that matter. Lastly if the site is down or not displaying properly
then I managed to mess something up in my last upload, and I will probably notice within a day or so.

Q: Why use an external Blog Site instead of adding RSS Feeds to your website?
A1: I am lazy...
A2: Difficult to justify simply by the fact that it is alot of work and requires some wangling with my host.
A3: I don't just have to post news about this site, it allows me the freedom to post randomness as well. ;-P
A4: Still trying to sort out the code for the web store.

Q: Dude I have one of your business cards and I called you to get some work done but you didn't answer. WTF?
A: If you rang during the day I may have been super busy doing something at my day job. If it was a weekend I may have been driving or
away from my mobile or otherwise engaged. If you rang after 10pm AEST then the phone will have been turned off for the night.
Simple solution is to leave a message with name etc. in the machine and I will call back.

Q: I notice you drill lots of tiny holes to pin stuff and do conversions, where do you get the tiny drills?
A: Bunnings Warehouse, in little orange multi-packs in the section next to the power tools (cordless drills etc.) or Bolts and Industrial.
You will need a pin vice to suit them, also from the same section at Bunnings or at Good Hobby Stores. Remember to buy HSS bits.