Or Who is this?

Ok So this picture is about five years old now but other than my goatee growing more I look the same.
So the important stats:
Name: Da_Sub
D.O.B: 1983
Nationality: Australian
Address: Under a Rock in the Pacific Ocean, c/o Brisbane, Au.
Occupation: Research and Development Officer
Other Occupations: Custom Miniatures. Also a joint small business mining, cutting and selling Opal
Hobbies: Wargames Miniatures, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, hanging out with mates, PC Games and gaming engines, reading, writing.
Other Projects: Still working on my Sci-Fi novels in my spare time, even if I spend alot of it painting models
for other people. (oh well, money is money)

I started collecting and assembling model tanks and planes at age five. In early 1991 a friend introduced me to PNP
Role playing using Citadel Miniatures. However upon discovering the Sci-Fi range I started avidly collecting them.
Thus began the downward spiral into having way to many figures. Over the years I have have rarely sold any of my armies,
However along the way I did get rid of some. These include my original army of "Beaky" Marines, although one of my two
remaining "Vanilla" Marine armies retain the colour scheme. My Tyranid Horde went up on ebay when after two and a half
years living on my shelf mostly just undercoated, I decided they would never get painted. My Tau Army, built for a
tournament I never made it to because of work followed six months later (it was bought with the sale of the Nids).
My Space Marine Epic collection got sold a little earlier when I started uni, mostly due to the fact that not many of
our group were into it any more. My Fanatasy Undead army from the 90s went when I got seriously involved in 40k. When
the new Tomb Kings stuff came out I built, assembled and half painted an army of them before work interjected again and
they found their way into someone elses collection at cost price. I have kept all the Codexes and Rule Books I ever
bought. This means that I have a large collection of old fluff, art and pics of minis. I also like to keep track of
and buy any of the art/sketch books Black Library releases for reference materials when scratch building. In the years
of collecting I have worked weekends, mowed lawns, done paper runs, sold gemstones and done other odd jobs to pay for
the hobby. I finally am finishing my very own painting/modeling studio in my house so I have a dedicated workspace.
Reaper Miniatures I only recently started to buy, although I did paint two on commission while at uni I didn't know
until recently that they were from Reaper! I wish I had have known as I love their work.
I also have a collection of 10mm Scale World War II Late War Russians. Nice little figures that we used at the local
club to represent Flames of War figures. However the hobby shop I used to get them from is now closed down...sigh...
I have been looking at some of the other miniatures out there but I have decided that for the moment I have enough.
Lastly I have been trying to work out how to polish small enough opals to set into place on minis, getting them small
enough and still polishing the tiny cabochons up is proving to be tricky. Also they have to be fixed in place with
superglue after applying Dullcote, without getting glue frosting everwhere...maybe 5-min Epoxy would work.