Special Update 29/03/2010

So I have taken my sweet time to bring you yet another update. Oh well I have been pretty flat out.
I have posted a few things in the Gallery and made some general changes about the place.
The first thing you may notice is that I have added a News Blog link to the sidebar. Most of the News and
general insanity will be posted over there along with WIP projects.
Secondly I have added a few links to some online Stores that sell various miniature related things, check them out.
Thirdly I have posted a few more things in the Downloads section for you, there is a list below.

I will also be at Supanova Brisbane from April 9th to the 11th, so if you want to catch up email me beforehand.
Finally I have started a new major project.
This means that I will not be taking any commission work for a while (likely a couple of months).
However, if you want Single Miniatures Painted to tabletop standard I might fit them in, email is the best way to ask.
For an idea of basic tabletop standard wander over the the gallery and check out Logan Grimnar for an idea before deciding.

Notices and Other Stuff

Ultimate Metals Tute Now Available for Download!

Plans for how to turn a Plastic Baneblade Into a Shadowsword Now Up!

New Decal Sheet Availible for Download.

In before the Lock!?! (Or Current Projects)

  • Building the Webstore for this site
  • Tutes and mini-Tutes
  • Nearly Finished Painting the Novamarines (20 to go)
  • New Huge Project Started, check the News Blog for Details
  • Working on my Novel (now into its 13th year of getting worked on)
  • Day Job... as usual.